Intense Orgasmic Female Lubricant Whiskey Cream Flavor




Lubricant Whiskey Cream  Flavor  Electrifying Hot Sensation Special Edition

Sen Intimo 



Electrifying Sensation A new way to toast in bed with the most delicious of flavors and a sensation that leaves no one still! Increase your sensitivity by intensifying your sensations with our exquisite and provocative Whiskey Cream flavored intimate lubricant by Sen Intimo with its hot and electrifying sensation. Perfect for use as a couple to make oral sex an unparalleled experience. It has a long-lasting effect and is non-greasy, making it very comfortable to use.
How do I apply it and how much do I need?
There are really no rules. The best thing to do is to relax, enjoy and experiment. If you are trying a lubricant for the first time, simply put a little on your fingertips and apply gently to the intimate areas. Lube can be used with or without a condom. You can always apply more if you need it. Blow if you want to activate much more heat. You’ll feel a tingling tingle – just enjoy!
*Safe with condoms and toys.
*Paraben free.
*Sugar free.
*Easy to clean.
*Non-staining and non-sticky.
*Ultra soft texture, pleasant to the touch.
*Suitable for all skin types.            
*Not tested on animals.   

Ingredients: Glycerin, peg-400, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyl Alcohol, Flavor, Water, Color.


PRECAUTIONS: Not a contraceptive, does not contain spermicides, if irritation occurs discontinue use and consult your physician, keep this product out of the reach of children. Keep the package tightly covered in a cool, dry place, avoid contact with eyes and ears.


Confidentiality: Your orders are shipped in a box or envelope completely sealed  without any external marks. Your privacy is very important to us.

 When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina normally self-lubricates. This makes the overall experience a lot more fun.


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