MaxMan Ultra Long


Maxman  Ultra Long are designed to enhance blood vessels in the penis blood circulation, releasing natural hormones, to extended and increase the corpus cavernosum cavity tissues, allowing more blood to flow to the cavity during erections. Improvements of 30%+ more blood flow at times, allowing the penis to swell and increase in size and firmness. Result can last up to 72 hours in some individuals.


MaxMan Ultra Long 




MaxMan Ultra Long  is a Male Sexual Enhancer, made of Ancient Chinese Herbs blended together with American Technology. It is one of the most consumed products in the United States and Europe since 2007 to date.

Maxman Ultra Long  Capsules are a safe and patented selection of Natural Herbs, known for their special properties, which blended together form a Powerful and Effective combination for Penis Enlargement and Thickening.




*Sets the penis erect quickly, like a stone.
*Gives you long-lasting, rock hard, on-demand erections equal to those of porn actors.
*Strengthens the muscles of the penis, achieving a good blood circulation.
*Eliminates Weak Erection, prevents and controls Premature Ejaculation.
*Increases the secretion of testicular cells and activates renal function
*Increases Semen Volume
*Develops Your PC Muscle which makes the Penis have a good Muscular appearance
*Prevents Prostate Cancer and Incontinence Problems
*Improves Your Self Esteem, as well as Your Relationship with Your Partner or Lovers
*Thickens the head of the penis
*Allows you to last longer and reduces the recovery time between orgasms, your sexual performance will be equal to that of porn actors.
*No side effects, no rebound or any other side effects, it is 100% safe.
*The capsules are natural and if you stop taking them you will not lose the gains.



All of us at some point in our lives have asked ourselves the question of whether it is really possible to increase the size of the penis, and if it is possible, to know how to do it. Well, the answer is very simple:

The penis is divided into chambers made of spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa. When blood fills these tissues, an erection of the penis occurs. So what determines the size of the penis is the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa of the penis and the blood circulation that reaches the penis.

What MaxMan Ultra Long Potentiator does with its amazing natural formula is to improve your blood circulation, expand and grow the erectile tissues of the penis. Achieving in this way the increase in both Length and Thickness of the penis.

Remember that on both sides of the penis, there are two spongy areas called corpora cavernosa. An erection happens when the man becomes aroused and the natural flow of blood fills these Erectile Tissues.

After taking one capsule and one Root of MaxMan UltraLong Potentiator, the volume of the cavernous bodies of the Penis increases dramatically and the blood completely fills these erectile tissues resulting in a Powerful Erection and an impressive increase in Penis size. And most impressive of all is that the herbal and millenary formula, creates a permanent increase to the penis both in length and girth without ever losing the gains obtained.


Product Presentation
Box x 12 capsules and 12 pills.


Maxman Ultra Long C o n t r a i n i n d i c a t i o n s :

It is contraindicated in cases of high blood pressure and in general pathologies related to heart disease.

Regular consumption can balance yin (cold energy) and yang (hot energy) energy in the human body.

Fundamental regulatory systems can benefit by maintaining optimal functioning with regular doses.

Residues remain in the body harming health?

No. On the contrary, all of the extracted herbal ingredients are of great health benefit. All the nutrients in the formula will accumulate in the body’s systems as a reservoir of powerful tonic elements that nourish and keep you healthy. When taken as a vitamin, you will be able to feel the Ql (positive energy) entering the body and totally invigorating it. When you have sexual encounters, you will have erections with greater strength, frequency, and noticeably increased firmness.







It is a product that will allow you to consolidate and harden your erection.
Increases sperm flow.
It is a 100% natural product, therefore it has no contraindications.
It does not produce side effects.
Improves premature ejaculation.
Helps to enjoy 100% of your sexuality.
Treats impotence.



One tablet accompanied by a pill should be taken 10 to 45 minutes before intercourse for occasional use.  This product is packaged in a luxurious metallic box, for 12 tablets (penis-shaped), and 12 pills with retardant effect.




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