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By Ultra
It is a powerful dietary supplement that combines highly  , natural active ingredients ;  It is designed for very slow metabolisms or those that have stagnated due to the consumption of other products.
This can happen even to people who have successfully lost much weight.
What is Ultra FIT?
Experience the Ultra Fit transformation.
We present a renewed image and an innovative formula. Its advanced components included Dihydrocapsiate and Forskolin , a 100% natural  designed to eliminate up to 90% of cellulite. This supplement goes beyond eliminating localized fat, providing an energy and thermogenic boost to your body, as well as controlling appetite and inhibiting anxiety. Its new component not only prevents, but also eliminates cellulite.
Discover a comprehensive solution for your well-being. Make Ultra Fit your ally to achieve your health and fitness goals! Don’t miss the opportunity to buy it now and boost your life towards a healthier and more energetic style.
Guarana (200mg): It is an energy plant that has a high concentration of caffeine, which provides slimming properties which accelerate metabolism, improve digestion and enhance energy.
Sour orange peel extract (50mg): It is a natural component of the orange rich in synephrine (alkaloid) which helps you accelerate your metabolism and generate better daily evacuation, it also gives you a thermogenic contribution that supports you in the process of loss of weight
Forskolin (50mg): It is a plant that stimulates the hormone that is responsible for the lipolysis process in the body, lipolysis is the process that breaks down localized fat and eliminates it naturally.
Centella asiatica (100mg): It is a plant qualified for the body detoxification process, prevention and elimination of cellulite, it contains regenerating and healing properties. Helping tissues regain their shape, function and structure to eliminate localized fluid retention.
Accelerate your metabolism, improve digestion and increase your energy
• Improve your daily bowel movements
• Provides thermogenic contribution
• Detoxify your body
• Suppresses appetite
• Facilitates weight loss, eliminating accumulated fat
• Helps tone and increase muscle mass
• Eliminates cellulite up to 90%
*Eliminates fluid retention
PEOPLE WITH: diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, tension problems must be on medication or controlled NOT suitable for pregnant or lactating women
NOTE: recommended for people who exercise daily and those who live more sedentary lives.
While using it, AVOID alcoholic beverages as it will eliminate the effect of the treatment and if you are very sensitive to caffeine as it is a natural stimulant.



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