Ultra Lipo Weight Loss


Ultra Lipo is the fusion of the two best and most recognized burners on the market (Ultra ZX & Lipoblue). Having the capsules of both products will assist you to achieve the results you want in the shortest possible time, making it a doubly effective treatment.

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Ultra Lipo Weight Loss

Ultra Lipo Weight Loss  Advanced formula with greater concentration in its components, making the results faster and more effective. Recommended for people who do physical activity and seek to define their body. Contains L- Carnitine responsible for promoting fat burning, turning it energy.

It is a multifunctional supplement with more than 5 years on the market, helps to promote people achieve their goals, decrease their appetite and retained fluids without the need for high physical activity.

Its main functions of Ultra Lipo are:

Promotes to decrease anxiety and appetite.

Cooperates to optimize the functioning of metabolism.


Helps to decrease the percentage of body fat.

Assists in accelerating metabolism. Helps to strengthen muscle mass. Supports the process of removing cellulite.


1 capsule 45 minutes before breakfast. Ultra Lipo works by alternating a blue capsule one day and a purple capsule the next day. Good hydration is recommended during treatment.


Forskolina: It helps speed up and improve the functioning of the metabolism, it helps the body to make more of the enzyme called lipase-sensitive hormone, responsible for fat burning.

Extract of African mango: It comes from the rainforest of Cameroon in Africa; it is similar to a command and has benefits like weight loss, as it assists in speeding up metabolism and burning fat.

Extract of bitter orange: It has digestive and regulatory properties of the intestine helping to improve the functioning of the digestive system making more effective the removal of waste from the body.

Sen seed: Help in cases of constipation and digestion problems, thus improving the functioning of the digestive system, is considered a natural laxative as it increases the intestinal mucosa and waste.

Tear of coix: Natural diuretic, helps to improve the removal of retained fluids, thus making weight loss more effective.




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