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Ultra Zx Purple + Orange  is one of the most complete natural supplements on the market, its multifunctionality allows you to mold the product to your needs and get one or all of the benefits you want. With ULTRA UNION can achieve weight loss, the definition of muscle mass and raise energy levels for physical activity. 


ULTRA ZX UNION  works 3 basic principles for weight loss and / or define


  • Neutralizes anxiety and decreases appetite: It is no secret that having a healthy balanced diet and maintain your ideal weight. So Ultra is a perfect aid to go online with good eating habits and learn to control impulses


  • Fat Burner: The combination of natural extracts and enzymes that speed up metabolism ULTRA ZX at the same time burn calories quickly getting rid of accumulated fat deposits between tissues.


  • Energizing Ultra elevates metabolism naturally to release a dose of extra energy that allows the person to perform daily activities without feeling tired. If the person in addition to his activities adds an exercise routine, you will have enough energy to achieve this goal.


Combining these benefits is agood and effective help for those people who want to lose weight or burn fat.




*Extracts Bitter Orange  70/ 25% /

Fruit originating in Syria and Africa, although at present, especially since a few centuries ago, is grown in the Mediterranean.The extract of this fruit helps control appetite and eliminate fat deposits.


*Sen Seed Extract 47.61 / 7% /

Shrub native to India, which is used as a natural diuretic to remove and prevent excess water in the body. It is also used for natural elimination of body fat


*Tear of Coix 42/ 15% /

Assists in the breakdown of body fat and has a hypoglycemic effect, this diuresis stimulation results in improving blood performance and therefore a decrease in blood glucose levels.


*Mulberry 36.4/ 13%

Several clinical studies have shown that extracts of Morera effectively stabilize sugar levels in the blood. In other words mulberry leaf has substances that help reduce insulin spikes that is very effective in weight loss


*Starch Medical 84/30%

Promotes satiety and helps to control fat intake



*DHEA 7-Keto: Promotes thermogenesis in a natural way.

*Bitter Orange Extract: Its digestive and regulatory properties contribute to the improvement of this function, facilitating the elimination of waste from the body.

*Senna Seed: Natural laxative.

*Coix tear: Natural diuretic.

*Raspberry ketones: Increases metabolism efficiency.

*Green coffee: For its antioxidant principles, including chlorogenic acid, reduces the amount of kilocalories that arrive in the form of sugars.

*Chromium polynicotinate: Lowers the body fat index. Its main action is the regulation of glucose in the body.



Precautions and recommendations:


1)We recommend that you consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily and consume fruits that are high in potassium such as papaya, melon, and pineapple. For improved results, the consumption of sodas and liquor should be kept to a minimum.


2)We recommend that an exercise program be implemented with your daily routine to assist in the increase of your metabolism and maintain healthy habits as well as increase positive results.


3)We recommend that a strict eating pattern that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (dinner before 8pm) be followed in order to maintain an active metabolism.


4)Never mix Ultra Union  with any other natural diet supplement. This product is not indicated to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.


6)For Weight Loss: Take Ultra ZX 45 minutes before breakfast. Make sure you are eating a health breakfast every day and DO NOT skip this indispensable meal.


7)For Muscle Growth: Take Ultra ZX with breakfast. Once again, make sure you are eating a health breakfast every day and DO NOT skip this indispensable meal.



How To Use : Take 1 Capsule in the Morning .

Consume 1 capsule of one color per day.

Intercalate the color if today you took the Purple , tomorrow the Orange.