Powers’x Libido Enhancement For Men *20 tablets*





Powers´X, better known as POWER SEX, is a supplement with a concentrated action that works with the properties of vasodilator, and  offers a better sexual  performance.  Powers’X is effective in maintaining strong and long-lasting erections, as well as delaying ejaculation and the refractory time between orgasms.


What is it made of Powers’X Sex ?

It is a supplement based on natural extracts, plants and amino acids, managing to be combined in a unique and exclusive formula, intensifying the virtues of the most recognized aphrodisiac nutrients that favor the production of hormonal factors that act in the body naturally to increase desire. and feeling of sexual pleasure.

Before trying drastic solutions that can affect your heart health and saturate your body with unnecessary chemicals, you can try natural alternatives like POWER SEX which has been shown to be effective in fighting erectile dysfunction without generating addiction or other conditions, as well as additional positive effects. like the increase of sexuality, desire and vitality in general.



L-Arginine: it is the amino acid responsible for improving erection. This amino acid has been shown to improve irrigation (after conversion to nitric oxide) and oxygenation of tissues, reducing fatigue and increasing recovery.

Borojó: Natural fruit of the Colombian jungle of Choco, it is famous for its aphrodisiac properties in men and women and a recognized energizer.

Chontaduro: powerful aphrodisiac, increases desire and sexual capacity.

Guarana: Fruit native to the Colombian Amazon, famous for being a sexual enhancer, energizer and revitalizer.


It comes in the presentation of 5 personal cases, each with 4 tablets. In total there are 20 tablets!

100% guaranteed original product.

►Effect: 1 tablet has an effect between 3-6 hours.


► Dose: take 1 or 2 tablets 30 minutes before intercourse.



viene en la presentación de 5 sobres  personales, cada uno con 4 tabletas. ¡En total hay 20 tabletas!

Producto original 100% garantizado.

►Efecto: 1 tableta tiene un efecto entre 3-6 horas.

► Dosis: tomar 1 o 2 tabletas 30 minutos antes de la relación.

►Contraindicaciones: como es un producto natural, no tiene los efectos nocivos que pueden tener los productos con compuestos químicos. No se recomienda para mujeres embarazadas o lactantes.


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