Ultradolor Advance Xtraforte


if you suffer from arthritis or inflammation, Ultradolor Advance Xtraforte can help. Formulated for all types of joint pain and other conditions involving the muscles and bones, this product it is 100% natural and has no troublesome side effects.

Due to its entirely natural composition, it can benefit a high range of patients with various health complications.

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Ultradolor Advance  Xtraforte is a 100% natural treatment manufactured in Colombia to treat multiple pains that are affecting your quality of life. If you have frequent pain or suffer from illnesses, it is important that you know how it works and what pain Ultradolor Advance can relieve.

Ultradolor Advance is natural product to treat and prevent joint problems due to wear and tear and bone joint diseases. Postpones and, in some cases, reverses the aging process by triggering the production of its own HGH (human growth hormone).  Increasing your growth hormone levels can play a vital role in rejuvenating your body’s organs by providing a significant improvement in your health and well-being.


    • Muscle pains.
    • Arthritis.
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Acute musculoskeletal conditions (tears, sprains, tendonitis and bursitis).
    • Rheumatic diseases.
    • Fracture pains.
    • Skeletal system diseases.


When consumed, it works as a de-inflammatory analgesic for patients with degenerative joint problems.
It also works as a regenerator for diseases of the skeletal system and for other acute musculoskeletal conditions, it works as a powerful muscle relaxant that will allow you to feel relief and tranquility.


Vitamin H (Biotin) 400mg.

Zinc 100mg.

Glucosamide Sulfate 400mg.

Uncaria Tomentosa 50mg.

Matricaria Recutita 80mg.

Zingiber Officinale 30mg.

Boswellia Carterii 60mg.

California Nettle 300mg.


Take 1 pill of each (1 white and 1 orange) simultaneously.
You can take one daily, but if you have extreme pain take 2 daily during
morning and night.
-If you are pregnant, DO NOT take the medicine.
(This medicine should be stopped 1 month before and up to 1 month after surgery as it contains some active ingredients similar to those of Aspirin)
-If you are a patient with heart, liver, kidney, hypertension, diabetes, etc., you can take it, although it is advisable to suspend treatment if you notice any unusual symptoms. If necessary, consult your doctor better.